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Instant. Movie. Blockbuster.

by Gaia on Mar.18, 2009, under Random

Picture it:

Fast and the Furious meets jet ski racing and boat parties in Miami.


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Scifi Movie Idea

by Gaia on Mar.18, 2009, under Random

Two or three part epic series set far, far in the future:

Huge astroid is coming nothing we can do about it.
Scientists secretly build big base on mars.
Many important industry people leave along with scientists etc.
Astroid hits, world is demolished everyone dies…
… almost everyone…
People on Mars build a life for 700 years; none of them ever mention what they secretly did, the children of children never knowing the truth.
Return to earth, start life again on an inhabitale planet that’s beautiful, very advanced.
But there’s another lifeform lurking.  Once a friend.  Now an enemy, never forgetting once happened.

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Phish Biscuits?

by Gaia on Mar.18, 2009, under Random

Knowing my love for the Disco Biscuits, my friend asked me what I thought of Phish Hampton.  I went to 4 nights of Biscuits in a row, followed by 3 days of work, then 3 nights of Phish in a row.  The following was my response:

Phish Hampton was AWESOME.  And honestly, the awesomeness had less to do with the music, and more to do with the experience.  It was just crazy down there – I have never seen so many people looking for tickets in my life.  Before I boarded the plane in Boston people were coming up to me in airport asking if I had extras.  I saw people buy Friday night tickets for $900!  The sheer volume of fans Phish has is just incredible.  It really makes for such an experience.

But honestly, I missed the Disco Biscuits a little whenever Phish would start playing a slower song.  Maybe it was the drugs in me or maybe it’s my love for non-stop energy packed disco biscuits concerts, but Phish just left a little something to be desired.  I honestly didn’t think I’d feel that way, but it definitely made me appreciate the biscuits more.  While Phish is more of a conventional “band,” the disco biscuits are so unique and really leading a path towards new music.  Did you hear they sold out like 27 of their 34 shows this winter tour?  I’m so happy for them.  They are the future of music.

Didn’t make it to Brothers Past in Hampton.  We were staying at the Embassy Suites, which was RIGHT next to the venue, and the hotel opened 3 bars had a DJ and was just the place to be after the show so we never made it to the main road to find a taxi  – and I heard this happened to EVERYONE.

Still, definitely an amazing time – coupled with 70+ degree weather and high spirits it was impossible to have a bad time… unless you were one of the thousands that came down to find tickets and came up empty-handed… but you still probably had fun.

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