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by Gaia on Mar.15, 2009, under Life Commentary, Music, Random

I wonder how long it’ll be until people stop labeling media as “in HD.”  Like when color came out and people labeled shows “in living color.”

I searched Google and only came up with one article on the topic, written back in July of 2003.  David Wilkerson at Market Watch provides an interesting view on HD’s future as compared to the black and white color switch before I even owned my first HD TV (I believe I got my first EDTV in 2004).

Well David, 5 ½ years later we’ve got superior cheaper HD products.  I can get an HD 60 minute camcorder for $175 at Best Buy.  I don’t even watch TV programs that aren’t in HD – thank god TBS remade Seinfeld in HD.  Times are changing; of course, we knew they would.

I give it 4 years.  From David’s article, we clearly haven’t come too far in mainstreaming HD, but 2009 has bequeathed us with cheapass HD cameras making even the budgeted a high quality videographer.

It definitely shocks me when networks like CNN film primetime interviews in non-HD, or that some sports stadiums still have non-HD filming.  Who knows what “middle America” thinks about this though; I have no idea where they are with the HD upgrade.  For all I know no one in Alamaba has even seen an HD TV… but I’m hopeful.

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